The graduates Italians prefer dependent employment and self-employment and there are few who decide to become an entrepreneur. To choose the path of self-employment are only 17 out of 100, as is clear from the data refer to 2013. And, if one considers the figures contained in the sixteenth report on graduate employment, in many Italian regions, the percentage of “doctors” who starts a business low as 1 percent.

According to the analysis, every 7 new businesses registered with the Chamber of Commerce in 2013, only one of which was a graduate, a sign that in Italy there are still strong cultural resistance in respect of self-employment. Graduates who become entrepreneurs are few and, for the most part, they choose this way to continue the family business . So much so that in areas where it lacks a strong vocation for entrepreneurship rate of those who at the end of the tertiary choose the path of free private enterprise collapses miserably.


The latest report is merciless in showing the reluctance of Italian graduates to do business. The survey which does not consider the major universities of Lombardy and Piedmont, which represent an exception as to boost self-employment indicates that in 2013 the decision was taken to start a business only to a degree of 100.

Compared to this, the university also has its own faults, so that the report contains a call to the universities of our own, which should “do more to offer its students curricular and non-curricular educational activities aimed at transferring skills and type of entrepreneurial skills. ” To ensure that only 17 out of 100 graduates embark on their own business, in fact, you often feel that the skills provided by the university to serve little or nothing in the field of entrepreneurship.

The fact that the Italian graduates the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, however, weigh on employment and is a strong limit for the country, especially in a time of crisis like the present one, in which the main competitive factor is represented by the innovation and the ability to adapt quickly to the constant changes in the market. For these reasons, companies are increasingly looking for employees that have achieved a high level of education, but the real revolution in the world of production and services, we will only Italian when not only among the staff, but also to guide companies there will be more graduates.