Up to September 22 can submit applications to the second round of these grants of Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia.

The Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia announces 75 new grants for the training and qualification of professionals in trade and in attracting international capital investments abroad to Andalusia. These scholarships are intended to encourage entrepreneurship and the ability to find employment for those who benefit from them. The deadline for applications is September 22 at 12 noon.

Requirements Extends

To qualify for any of the scholarships Extends service must meet the following requirements:

* Being born in Andalusia or registered in the same lead for at least one year.
* Possess a university degree that was obtained prior to the submission of the scholarship application. * Degrees from private universities or abroad, shall be valid if they are approved by the Ministry of Education of Spain.


* Wide knowledge of English, and Spanish.
* There have been a recipient of any other help with similar content.
* Not have been dismissed from service by any Civil Service disciplinary.
* Not disqualified by law to charge or public activities.
* No play activities that hinder the duty should be exclusive beneficiary of the scholarship.

Scholarships in two phases

Extends Scholarships comprise two phases with a maximum duration of 12 months each. The first of these is developed abroad. In general: one of the Business Promotion Office Extends, in Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain abroad , or in institutions and organizations that are related to the promotion of the internationalization of the business community of Andalusia. The list of destinations that provides the scholarship could be found on the web Extends service. The second phase will take place in an Andalusian company that has a plan

Submission of applications

The application form for the scholarship is on the website Extends. Registration must be completed electronically. The form will generate an identification code (called ID) that will be essential to locate the records. Once completed the form, applicants must submit the following documentation:

* Copies of the application form.
* Certified copy of National Identity Card or equivalent.
* Certified copy of university degree that is accredited.
* Original Registration certificate in the date appears high in the town.

All documentation must be delivered to the headquarters Extends Seville. In the event that the applicant is in another province, you can do so through the records of the provincial delegations of the Ministries of the Government of Andalusia , or getting it via mail.

Selection Testing

The assessment of applications will be made by an evaluation commission, selection and monitoring. When you have reviewed all nominations will publish a list. Those who appear in it must testing international trade and English (compulsory) and other optional tests (which are valued knowledge of a second and third language). Each of the tests in this phase will be marked from 0 to 10 and must be overcome with a minimum grade of 5 points. Once the results weighted by each / a participant, will establish a ranking of scores ordered from high to low. The top 100 made ​​the course of trade and, later, the internship abroad.

Extends Service

The Fellowship Service Internationalization Extends aims training and professional qualification in the field of international trade. The scholarships offered are funded by the Operational Programmer ESF call Luanda in 2007-2013.