Among the thousands of commitments that fill the days of everyone, too often students find that they have not devoted sufficient time to what should be their core business: the study. How to disentangle between universities, friends, and maybe some work commitments and at the same time avoid getting to the end of the day and realize you have not studied anything?

The first thing to do is to plan in detail their day and, even better, their week. Using a convenient weekly planning, it is necessary to indicate all the commitments of each day, to help identify the hours devoted to study. If at the end of this operation, the time gained is not enough, you have to delete all tasks that steal time, almost without realizing it (to name a few examples: face book, chat, video games, phone calls), do not get excited and get caught by stress, but reason to yield the most of your time.Here are some simple rules to optimize time and maximize the available:


Order: to be ordained in their room is essential to avoid wasting valuable time searching for what we need to study;

Calendar: Use a wall calendar to hang in your room, where mark exam dates, to always have an eye on the picture;

Planning: It is important to begin planning its activities since the beginning of the semester, because of long-term planning helps to avoid last-minute tour of force.

Objectives: to define their objectives and quantify the time required (as realistic as possible) to achieve.

Card this week: prepare for each week a completed form that includes the hours of courses, seminars, workshops, study and extracurricular activities, so that nothing can escape or happen unexpectedly.

Commitments: in particularly challenging day, make a list of things to do and manage them according to priority.

Contributor: if you plan on not being able to follow the entire schedule, a good solution is to ask someone you trust to keep an eye on the calendar and solicit respect.

Bearing in mind these simple rules, the days will be much more productive and time, really valuable resource, will be optimized in order to make the most of.