For over 100 years, Oregon State University has had a threefold mission: teaching, research and service to the people of Oregon and the world since it was created in 1858 as a private academy in Corvallis, but since 1865 already began to teach college-level courses.Currently, the campus of over 500 acres hosts about 19,000 students from 50 U.S. states and more than 80 countries. Among them, more than 1200 international students coming to OSU each academic year, which enriches the university community and brings diversity.Some of its educational programs, covering more than 80 areas are recognized high quality. These include:

Environmental Sciences

Oregon State University

Here is a list of undergraduate majors and one of the major and professional master s offered by the University.The Undergraduate students also participate in the formation of your resume (curriculum), enfantizándose creativity, writing, knowledge of cultures, arts, sciences, literature, diversity .The libraries of the University have a comprehensive website where you can consult the catalog , databases and ejournals available, and to inform you about the services offered or consult a map of both the position of Campus Libraries has and the internal distribution of each.

The campus has an intense and rich cultural life, with over 300 clubs and organizations that offer concerts, lectures and social and cultural activities, and that is the motto of the university, Open Minds, Open Doors (Open minds, Open doors ), is present in all aspects of student life. The Diversity Development Office , responsible for coordinating campus cultural centers, and various student organizations attest to the commitment of this institution to promote coexistence, multiculturalism and diversity.

If you fancy a look, the University has a webcam you can thanks to the direct witness of what is happening at OSU.Curiously, the University has a comprehensive website on their cheerleaders (the famous American sports entertainers). Here you can meet members of the various teams of cheerleaders and even you know the requirements to meet if you want to introduce you to a test and the characteristics of this.

Oregon State University


The Admissions Office of Oregon State University has a website detailing the admission rules and processes to follow depending on the study that the student wants to do. So, you have different sections for:


Transfer students

Graduate students

Professional Programs

Nondegree students


Distance Education

OSU-Cascades campus

International students

If you want to study international students at OSU, the first thing to do is fill out a paper application that will facilitate the complete Admissions Office or online . You also need proof of your entire academic career with notes and certificates translated into English, your test scores required for entry into the University (the TOEFL if your native language is not English, but also accept other evidence), documentation accrediting your financial solvency for costearte studies at OSU and the payment of $ 50 (you will not be returned under any circumstances).

If your application is for a program or postgraduate course, all this must be accompanied by corresponding letters of recommendation, a statement of your educational goals and all documents required by the specific department in charge of the studies to which you wish to access.


As in almost all American universities, Oregon State University offers students the opportunity to stay in campus residence halls or other aoijamientos look like apartment complexes. A service of the University, the University Housing & Dining Services is responsible for providing support to students to find accommodation and informs them of all the paperwork they have to go for it.The Residence Halls of the USO are a good choice. Each of these homes has a website where you can access a map of the building, a list of its features, photographs and the possibility of a virtual tour through which you can have a rough idea of ​​what their facilities. These are the residences of the campus:
Residence halls:

Bloss Hall
Buxton Hall
Callahan Hall
Cauthorn Hall
Finley Hall
Halsell Hall
Hawley Hall
McNary Hall
Sackett Hall
Weatherford Hall
West Hall
Wilson Hall

Cooperative Houses. The cooperative lodging houses are cheaper than normal residences. They live 35 to 55 students to help with household chores of cleaning and cooking, reducing the price of the room, which is under a shared room. The university has the following:

Avery Lodge
Azalea House
Dixon Lodge
Heckart Lodge
Oxford House
Reed Lodge

It is also possible to apply for family housing if you have family or only during the summer period , if you are going to do a summer course. However, the University advises novices staying on campus.Once your application has been processed, if vacancies enter on the waiting list. It should be careful if you cancel your place, because the cancellation fee amounting to $ 1300, so pay attention to the dates of cancellation.Accommodation prices vary depending on your room, the meal plan and other variables.


The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is responsible for informing students about the aid they can receive while studying at Oregon State University, either through a loan, a scholarship or a job. Oregon State University offers its students the opportunity to request help. They do a special feature: when the student makes a request, it makes for a particularly helpful but becomes a candidate for all offered.

On this page informs you of what you have to do step by step to apply for a grant to help you finance your studies.You can also apply for a scholarship from among those offered by the University, different departments or different insitituciones.

Contacts for Students:

The International Students and Scholars (ISS), tooth of the Office of International Education (OIE) is the agency responsible for assisting and advising students and foreign teachers to solve their academic problems, financial, cultural adjustment, health care and insurance or immigration. OIE counselors are available for meetings with individual students.

It also works with university departments that want to hire the services of a visiting professor or student, collaborating in the process to manage your visa and other important documents. Also works with Crossroads International , a volunteer service that aims to develop the friendship between international students and all members of the community, and provide language assistance.

Provides guidance to prospective students , the newly admitted international students and they know the Universidad.También provides assistance to international scholars, visiting faculty or research staff who travel to OSU p to do their jobs.They offer a very interesting site where international students can consult general information about the community where you will live. Information on climate, buying food, transportation, leisure and entertainment activities and links to local sites are present in this mini guide.