Even at Oxford mistaken. And this time the gaffe is quite heavy. From the inbox of the secretariat of the famous English university is unwittingly playing a e-mail with an attachment funny story: an Excel spreadsheet with a lot of names, family names, and votes of the 50 worst students. Following error is raised a fuss, and the incident is likely to have heavy aftermath: an official apology of the university do not seem to be sufficient in many threatening legal action for invasion of privacy.

It was the head of the secretariat of the University of Oxford, to inadvertently send the offending e-mail to all those enrolled. And little it is worth, the unfortunate, the earlier recognition of the error and immediately send a second message requesting it to delete the first. In less than no time the names of the 50 students of the university who got the worst grades to the exams the end of 2013 the so-called Michaelmas session, a sort of proof “in the pipeline” of learning at the end of the first quarter were on everyone’s lips.


The spread of the list of the 50 worst students, if it did not please the people involved, it is also a cause of disgrace to Oxford, highly prestigious university, where they studied Nobel laureates, prime ministers and kings. It certainly does not benefit you in the always lively and historic rivalry against other British universities, Cambridge first of all. In fact, the embarrassment from parts of Wellington Square is more than evident.

The university has presented immediately its official apology, but students whose names appeared on the list of those who got the worst grades are on a rampage. “I was already heartbroken for the results, I would not have even imagined to be publicly humiliated,” said one of them. “We’re trying to take a joke, but who would not feel uncomfortable in seeing across Oxford announced something so personal?” Confessed another.