Your search for internship abroad is likely to bear fruit, and lead you to a more even job interviews. However, unlikely that you go directly there! In most cases, recruiters aware of this slight logistical problem will tend to offer a telephone interview and / or a video interview via Skype! If the video call service is used today by many, your video interview will require a little more thought than your discussion with your friends. This is pretty good, it has already prepared the ground for you through our advice.


1 Prepare the ground. Store!

The viewing angle of your camera is often reduced, but it is generally necessary to have a tidy and pleasant environment. You can think of a simple storage in the viewing angle of the camera enough, but you might not be able to cope with the unexpected. What will happen if for some reason you must move X in the interview? A lack of light, Wi-Fi difficult to capture forcing you to change the room, an external noise forcing you to move to a quieter place. The reasons are not lacking, so make sure that your space is tidy regardless the angle of vision!

2. Dress fully professional manner

We are all familiar with the joke where the candidate covers only the top of her costume, and no pants. In fact, if your recruiter asks for a document, or if you need to move you, there are chances that your lack of pants make bad effect.

3. Sure that there will be no distractions

If students living alone can easily avoid being disturbed during maintenance, it is more difficult when you have roommates or your parents living with you. The time of your interview may very well be a time when your roommate decided to vacuum, or invite all those friends. Reward clear message that you need total quiet niche for a minimum of one hour, in order to avoid any problems.

4. Reward ensure that your connection is perfect

Again, live multi may intrude on your chances of success. Tell the people living with you that you will have a Skype interview to avoid during a given time slot while massive download, streaming, and other intensive uses of your connection. It’s the same for you! Make sure no program in the background consumes your resources.