Preparation for the admission test also includes the knowledge of how the formulation of lists of candidates admitted to degree programs. Obviously, for each test for admission to a degree program are processed the criteria for the elaboration of the scores to candidates. In general, the score depends, to a large extent, the result of the admission test and to a lesser extent, the grade obtained at final exams.

In the run-up to the admissions test is good to keep in mind that there are some general criteria for scoring answers. In general, points are awarded for correct answers, no answers are given to zero and are penalized as incorrect. But of course, each faculty decides whether or not to follow these rules.In addition to the individual rankings for a degree course, there are also national rankings of merit of the candidates. Before taking the exam, during the preparation for the admission test, you should inquire as to whether this list is used for the degree of interest (Academic year 2005/6 to 2009/2010 The national classification was adopted for the degree course in Dentistry and Dental Implants).


The communication of the lists, in general, is through posting in the official list of the Enrollment Center of the Students’ Secretariat and published on the University website, within the limits provided for each call. The publications will be made ​​in compliance with the Privacy Act and the official notice board is held in lieu of any other personal communication: this should be taken into account in preparation for the admission test.

Students admitted, or who have passed after due preparation for the admission test will confirm your registration with the payment of taxes by the due dates for each faculty. Beyond that date, in case of cancellation or non-recognition of those admitted, you will perform the operations reassignment or recharge that will be repeated until the filling of posts available. Candidates “salvaged” will confirm your registration with payment of charges, usually within forty-eight hours after the date of bill posting of each list.