In addition to the study and revision of the subjects of the academic test , both for faculty programmed number who do not, the procedure of admission test has the general characteristics apply equally in practice that it is good to know right from the stage of preparation for the admission test .

On the day of the test the candidate to any admission test, after delivering his cell phone off and having occupied a seat available, you will find on your desk a card with an indication of their personal data to be correct if contains errors. Along with that schedule will give him too: a tab to the answers , a small envelope and a large , this material is forbidden to make any sign that might be an element of recognition. These practical guidelines are an integral part of the preparation for the admission test in its final stage.

After this preliminary stage of preparation for the admission test, for any aspiring freshman will be given an envelope containing the examination paper and a ballpoint pen to mark your answers on the appropriate tab. The beginning of the test and the opening of the envelope will occur only when the Commission will start the exam.


The duration of the test, the number and type of questions in it may vary according to the faculty and graduate program. At the end of the time allowed by the Commission for the conduct of the test, the candidate must stop his execution of the task and insert the card with the personal data in the small envelope which must be closed and put, in turn, together with the board for answers in large envelope. Closed latter also expects the withdrawal of the material. It ‘good to keep in mind in the preparation of admission test that an error in the form or in the procedure results in the automatic exclusion.

To prepare for the admission test and their performance is good:

Keep in mind the time available;
Avoid errors of form ;
Proceed calmly and method in the resolution;
Please read the questions;
Mark the correct answer held directly on the board of the answers .