The chartered accountant is a professional who deals with consulting and applications in the commercial, fiscal, financial and economic. After graduating in economics as a discipline and a training period (3 years), those who want to pursue a professional accountant will be required to pass a state exam to get the necessary qualification to the profession. Only after passing this test, you will be able to enter the Order of Chartered Accountants. So now let me give you a few tips on how to prepare and pass the exam to become qualified accountants.

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In what consists the State Exam?

First, it must be remembered that the professional association is divided into two parts: Section A is for Certified Public Accountants, and the B for Accountants: in our case, therefore, must enroll in the section A. But what is actually the exam to become a chartered accountant? Let us see in detail. The first part consists of three written tests, one of which has a content of a practical nature: the first test is based on some specific areas such as technical training, banking and industry, finance and auditing, accounting and general applied ; The second test is the one about the different types of law: private, commercial, bankruptcy, tax, labor and social security, and civil procedure . The third and final test that is practical, that is, on the drafting of documents relating to the tax disputes. Only after passing all three written tests, you will have access to the oral test , which will check the candidate’s knowledge on all subjects of the other tests, with the addition of areas such as computer science, economics, statistics, mathematics, law and ethics .

Another important thing to say is that the oral test will be allowed only color who obtain a certain score, which must be at least 6/10 for each test. The final grade is practically the sum of all the votes. However, for those without a degree in Economics or Agricultural Science in Business Administration, or can groped another way. In fact, these people may decide to register for the section B with the same number of tests… .. But of course change will be the subjects tested; However, if you are subscribed to this part of the register and you want to switch to A, it will have to bear the first test.

How to Prepare

Know that the skills required are many and varied, because it is technical, financial, legal and corporate-tax. However, there are courses organized by the Order of Chartered Accountants as well as courses in the School of Education. Very important and handy is that often the lessons of the courses are held on weekends just to allow practitioners to quietly continue with their training. However, in addition to college textbooks, I recommend you buy some technical texts created for specifically for the qualifying examination. However, if you are still college students, try to choose that course of study that will best prepare the exam. For example, some subjects than those typically within the themes of the examination may not be required in the curriculum of the Faculty of Economics Italian, but instead be provided as choice exams.

So, although it may be more effort when you need to fill out the curriculum and choose among alternative tests, do not decide a priori to the typical “test pad” (little effort and high ratings), it will be useless for your future career ! Even so, that matter you may still be required state exam and then you will be forced to alone, without having ever faced before! Another useful tip is to read often the magazines , such as Sole24ore . This is because, especially in the legal and tax matters, the rules change and evolve continually, so it will be important to keep up with the times, paying attention to the new legislation just introduced. A further trick is to learn the names of the Commission in order to learn about their professional subjects and, eventually, learn and explore them better.