Planning for your career doesn’t start when your education is over. It should be something that you are thinking about while you are still studying. So, what are you going to do make sure that you clinch that perfect job when you have graduated? Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Do Work Experience

There is no replacement for real work experience. Of course, the qualifications you get will be very important. But they will be taken more seriously by employers if you can back them up with some experience of working in the real world. These days, employers put a real emphasis on experience, so don’t be tempted to relax when you have time off. Instead, you should contact companies in the local area and see if they are willing to let you work for them.

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Get on the Right Side of Your Lecturers

You might not particularly like your lecturers right now, but they will be able to help you when you’re looking for a job. They will be the ones who will be providing you with a reference. So, you need to make a good impression if you want them to write the best possible reference for you. Believe me; employers take these references very seriously when they are looking to hire a graduate. So, don’t underestimate their power. Get on their right side and show them what you can do.

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Start Networking

It’s never too early to start networking. You’d be surprised by how many people end up getting their first job as a result of a contact they made at university. Maybe there is a student who has contacts at a company, and they could put in a word for you. Or maybe someone you meet at that faculty gathering could give you a push in the right direction. You never know who you will meet or how they might be able to help you, so start networking as soon as you can.

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Use Your Free Time to Get Extra Qualifications

When you are studying, you will have the opportunity to gain extra qualifications and certificates. I know this might not be particularly appealing to you right now. But you won’t regret it when you actually have them, and they help you get a job. So, devote some time to adding to your stock of professional qualifications. It could be what makes you stand out above other applicants. You can find professional certificates in different disciplines online over at Simplilearn.

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Study Hard

This is even more important than all the other things that you will do when you are at university. All the other forms of career preparation are only relevant if you are willing to study hard. Your main qualification will be what employers look at when you are applying for graduate jobs. So, however tempting it is to have fun and see friends, make sure that you spend enough time on that vital studying. Set a schedule and stick to it. And don’t make the mistake of leaving this until the last minute.

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