The Graduate Record Examination (or GRE)—as with other major exams, such as the LSAT and GMAT—is often used by admissions panels to help determine whether or not a student will be successful in graduate school, whether it’s for a Master’s degree, doctoral degree, MBA, or other specialized business degree. Used by thousands of institutions, written by thousands of students, and administered in over 160 countries several times per year, it’s a strong indicator of future academic success and a stepping-stone to admittance.


There are several preparatory programs designed to help students prepare for this caliber of exam. The GRE combines abstract linguistic and logical skills—put to the test in the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections—with problem-solving skills related to math and data analysis tested in the Quantitative Reasoning section. Learning how to eliminate answers or even to think through an individual process can significantly increase scores. Approaching this standardized test in a standardized way means focusing on test organization and timing to overcome specific types of queries. The best test prep organizations offering a GRE course will break down every subject and question group, review dozens if not hundreds of practice questions, and offer excellent one-on-one coaching and encouragement to help students remember key strategies for overcoming the exam.

Another advantage is that a good preparatory program offers highly qualified instructors who’ve not only scored high on their own GREs, but have years of practical teaching experience to offer. If you want to get a taste of the kinds of professional instructors available, visit to learn more. Quantum’s compassionate, attentive, and highly skilled instructors can offer invaluable help in preparation as well as the psychology of test taking. On average, Quantum’s instructors have 8-10 years of GRE test prep teaching experience. Potential test takers should take a look at how flexible their prospective programs might be. It’s often easier for busy professionals and students to take weekend or evening classes, leaving the week free for other courses, jobs, and other responsibilities. Also, make sure you check to see if the test prep course allows for a free course retake if you’re not satisfied with your GRE results and wish to retake the test. These are all benefits of taking GRE courses with Quantum Test Prep, so use them as your model while investigating your options.

Different graduate programs place different amounts of weight on the outcome of the GRE. This variance in weight means that it’s best to check with the program one wishes to attend; it’s never wise to gamble on how your GRE score might be perceived. Since those who pursue professional assistance through a GRE course note increased optimism, confidence, and higher scores, it’s in your best interests to enroll with a great test prep group to bolster your own skills today.