As a non-member country of the European Union, Australia requires some additional steps to future student interns. Indeed, a visa internship is now essential to join a company and a position in a given period. But beware, there are several different Australian visas allowing a student to complete an internship in Australia! We will present two major visa: the visa and visa OVT PVT.

The OVT visa for an internship in Australia:

The OVT visa or Occupational Trainee Visa allows an international student to take a position in a company temporarily and matching skills acquired during his studies. This item is to enable students to improve their skills in their field of activity, and to form the different tools. The visa is for students of foreign nationality wishing to improve their skills in their area of specialization through an internship in an agency or an Australian company. Students may be eligible for visa OVT if the course is offered to them fills one the following conditions:

* The course is part of a training course in Australia or overseas and conditions graduation.
* The course offers a structured training to students to improve their skills in a particular area.
* The course provides skills to develop later in an international environment.


How much does the visa internship OVT? Rates are available and regularly updated on the official website of the government. Whether your application is accepted or not after, the filing fees are non refundable. In 2013, there were about 200 euros for intern and between 100-360 euros for the company. Once the visa is granted, you will take courses fulfilling the conditions laid cited. It is valid for a total period of two years, Claudelle you can add two months to allow you to perform actions on the ground to get another visa for projects in Australia.

How does the visa internship OVT?

You must be sponsored by an organization or a company in Australia to apply for your visa internship. Specifically, it is necessary to have been accepted to a position in an Australian company before making the request. But beware, all Australian companies can not be sponsors, although the majority are eligible. You can see the page dedicated to the selection criteria of the sponsors. Other obligation that is important, this time for the student, it is necessary to have subscribed to a health insurance before your visa student internship. Health insurance is now mandatory for any student in Australia, more information in ” insurance for an internship in Australia . ”

For more information on the procedures relating to visa OVT, visit the official website of the Australian Government (in English).

The visa for trainee divided into three steps:

* Step 1: The company sends its bid to be a sponsor
* Step 2: The company announces the vacancy and the person who will occupy (in theory you)
* Step 3: The future trainee in Australia sends its visa

The PVT visa for an internship in Australia:

The PVT visa visa differs from OVT on several points , starting with its operation and its duration. Valid for one year, it allows a student to join Australia and travel and work throughout their stay. Ideal for a gap year, it multiplies the experiences and places. It is not theoretically suitable for students wishing to complete an internship in Australia, unless they wish to only make training less than 6 months in the same company.

Aid agencies in the visa internship in Australia:

The steps may be some little tedious, though than accessible if you have a few weeks in advance. However, in case you run out of time or you want to make your departure , you can use a specialist agency in obtaining student visas. They offer their services to facilitate the process for the students, and give you advice on your project. Study abroad is a partner of Visa First , which has several packages for your departure to Australia. Directly to discuss your project with them, you can contact them at