After a wait of about a month, which held its breath candidates who have performed at the beginning of April 2014 admission test for graduate courses in number of students nationally (Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Architecture) finally came the day of publication of the national ranking. Those who had passed the tests will now find out if they have been accepted in its place of preference or whether they will be forced to pack their bags and move to another university.

The system of national ranking for the admission test came into force last year to try and make more uniform the scores of freshmen. In the past, one of the most controversial aspects of the limited number were discrepancies between the results obtained by permitted in the various universities, with the paradox that in some locations you could win a place with scores far lower than those reported by those who at other universities were left out.


The national ranking brings together all those who have passed the admission test 2014. Based on the result obtained in the questionnaire and the preferences expressed, the candidates can be ‘assigned’, if they managed to score a passing score for admission on campus indicated as a first option, or ‘booked’. In the latter case, the candidate has not given a vote that allows him to immediately be able to enroll in the university and preferred the possibility that you will have to wait for a seat or choose another seat among those in which entitled to enroll .

The candidates ‘assigned’ will have four days of time to proceed to the registration, otherwise will lose their ranking. Those ‘booked’, may enroll within the same time at one of the universities in which a place has been reserved for them, or wait for the scrolling of the list of national admission test 2014. The list will close permanently on October 1st and there will be time to enroll up to 6th October. Passed this date you will lose any right to enroll.