Time rankings of the best universities: an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has established itself here too. But despite centuries of history, the Italian universities are struggling a lot to stand comparison with the other European countries and are far away from the USA. What are their weaknesses, responsible for such poor performance in the ranking international?

More and more sources of rankings of the best universities worldwide. Different, yet with a comforting given little in common placements not just ladies of the Italian universities. A master in the rankings are the U.S. and Britain, the Asian countries are on the rise and Italy also remains well spaced from France and Germany.


To penalize the Italian universities in international rankings, there are some weaknesses inherent in the very nature of the charts, often conducted with criteria typically Anglo-Saxon. Those words, mold company, which tend not to reward the humanistic tradition. But the difficult time the universities of our house is undeniable, with universities increasingly forced to deal with the crisis and the continuing cuts in state funding.

Despite the efforts, the rate of research and internationalization struggling to take off, and creatures have far cry from those of the United States, but also Britain, France and Germany, which invest heavily in hosting prestigious foreign teachers. And even those of China, offering more and more courses in English. Italy remains, so, back in the rankings of the best universities. Just think of the 2014 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, which sees the podium California Institute of Technology, Oxford and Harvard, and in which the first is between the Italian University of Trent o, well 221esima.

Yet, despite the weaknesses, some exceptions are virtuous. To shine in the most recent rankings, for example, Bocconi , eighth in the ranking of the best courses in Finance compiled by the prestigious Financial Times. About the degree in English in Finance, which is well worth a climb to the University of Milan from 27th to 19th position it occupied in 2012 thanks to impressive employment rates of graduates. What are all the work within three months.

The recipe to reverse course? The fields in which our universities will have to invest, if they want to eliminate their weaknesses and be able to stand comparison with international realities, are those relating to the evaluation criteria of the main ranking world: the views of former students, provenance of students and teachers, the salary of graduates, international mobility, reputation abroad. An effort not just to a system in financial crisis.