Student winners of a scholarship? University of Palermo, seeking to provide their contribution. Registration fees for the poor and deserving students exempt from university Farewell: the Board of Directors decided. Registration fees is the vital factor for any university students. 200 euro and scholarship recipients are also eligible for a discounted registration fee abolition of the decisions of the Board of Directors of the University of Palermo and Sicily are taken to one of the last meetings of the various moods campus.

According to the demand of the students present at the meeting, followed by an opinion of the state attorney on illegality of Robert Rector mandatory to eliminate the exemption and to charge registration fee and scholarship winners will also be marked as appropriate. Worth the risk from the Ministry of Education and approved by the University. Nothing pursue the matter, the vote would be worth the effort of the students get a referral.


Palermo and Messina in the Italian university exemption is applied to stop the repeal of the exemption claimed that the registration fee, protests have erupted. Read the current rules for the education rights of student organizations. Provided by the industry. 8, paragraph 1 and Article DPCM April 9, 2001. 9, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree n. 68/2012 that the University “entry fee and all eligible students to contribute to the University and / or rehabilitation of scholarship winners.”

Network National University, University Students, Uni% percent of the bus back to Union University and other institutions Palermo UDU and restore the exemption for qualified or eligible for, the Rector and Board of Directors have a legal alert addressing the study provides an exemption from the registration fee. Everything points to the board to think that a political administration, which is levied on the most needy and deserving students UDU said. It will not rescind the decision, we will work to legal action.