England is the first destination for French students wishing to start their internship abroad, its proximity to France facilitating research and obtaining an internship. Often a first international experience, the internship in England still requires preparation in the early stages of the project.

Indeed, it is important to know the Newsletter subscription trainees in England in search of opportunities to ensure that your rights as a student performing a “internship”. Thus, it is necessary to know the legal minimum wage, the standard work week, the formalities as the internship agreement. This knowledge should enable you eventually start your project in the best conditions!

Compensation for trainees in England:

The legislation concerning student in England is quite peculiar and differs from the French legislation. Indeed, the minimum wage for a trainee is simply the same as a traditional employee. So if you enter the conditions requiring the employer to pay you English, you are subject to a fee of course by the fee schedule following in 2013:

Age at placement More than 21 years Between 18 and 20 years Under 18 years
Minimum wage (2013) £ 6.19 £ 4.19 £ 2.65

However, all trainees are not paid. Thus, depending on your status in the hiring, you can argue whether or not the minimum wage. Three different statuses exist, ” workers “, the” employees “and” volunteers “. Only the first two are entitled to a minimum wage.


Students achieving a placement in England less than 1 year in training in order to obtain academic credit are not normally eligible for minimum wage. However, before companies seeking to recruit profiles of interest, and most of them now offer compensation to attract the right people and students with a high level of education.

The work week for a student in England:

The intern in England with the same right of an employee , it has the same obligations and limitations that one. Thus, a student in England can not work more than 48 hours per week unless the employee works in specific sectors. The typical work week consists of 35 to 40 hours depending on your employment contract. It may also be interesting to know the holidays for the year. England has only 8 while Scotland have 9 and Northern Ireland no less than 10! Not necessarily the best part of the country to enjoy the weekends lengthened!