Among the European countries, Denmark is one of the most forefront of academic research. In fact, it is well organized with a set of rules and laws governing this aspect, which unfortunately in our country is often overlooked and left to itself. Research in Denmark is protected by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, which has created a kind of key points to ensure university research, according to the best possible conditions.

* Research in Denmark is innovative and highly professional.
* The granting of funds for research is characterized by healthy competition. The main objective is to reward the best researchers and research environments and to ensure a dynamic process of development and renewal in the field of Danish research.
* Research in Denmark is relevant and is the driving force for the further development of the Danish welfare. For this reason, it is essential for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation facilitate research within defined themes and priority policy areas.


The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation is the lead agency responsible for the activities of the Ministry in this area. The creation of a healthy environment for the Danish research includes, among other things, the creation of a framework for the mobility of researchers. This includes a series of efforts to attract and retain researchers and teachers and to strengthen international career opportunities for young researchers in Denmark. A focus is also reserved for activities to promote communication between the research community and society in general, to ensure that the research remains are an academic theme, but can be of common interest.

To create a basis for strategic research or other focused research actions, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation prepares a ‘needs analysis of specific areas of research. The identification of new technologies and scientific progress is expected to have a strong influence on competitiveness, prosperity and well-being of society. The Danish Government proposes a number of initiatives to create a good environment for Danish research. The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation is involved in implementing the strategy of globalization goals for the Danish research, working with a wide variety of initiatives in the field.Finally, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation provides funding for research training, such as industrial PhDs. These appropriations are intended to emphasize, among other things, the development of quality and internationalization of training programs for Danish research.