Truck driving is the most common job in the United States today. In earlier times, the most commonly held U.S. jobs were machine operator, farmer, and secretary, but times have changed. In the modern world, goods are often grown and/or manufactured in one location and must then be transported to another by commercial drivers. If you are interested in trucking as a career, you will find many employment opportunities, plenty of job security, and healthy wages.

Trucker’s Personality

It takes a certain type of person to enjoy life on the road. Drivers should have initiative, good communication skills, self-confidence, and tact. They must be reliable, get along well with others such as customers and store managers, and enjoy driving. If you love being out on the open road covering the miles, you could thoroughly enjoy this career.


Commercial Driver’s License

If you believe you have the traits and abilities to become a trucker, you’ll need to get your commercial driver’s license, also referred to as a CDL. To do this, you’ll have to study the rules of the road, log a certain number of hours of training, and be able to pass a written and on-the-road test. You can also obtain your CDL by enrolling at a truck-driving school and completing the training program.

Training Programs

In a truck-driving program, you will study subjects that pertain to your future career as a commercial driver. You will get to take interesting courses, such as automobile mechanics, truck inspection, big-rig operation, and freight compliance. You’ll also need to complete a certain number of hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Types of Truckers

There’s more than one kind of truck driver on the road, so after you get your CDL, you’ll be able to choose your preference. Some options are long-distance drivers, heavy equipment operators, delivery truck drivers, and substitutes who fill in for regular drivers when they are ill or unable to drive. A trucker can be an entrepreneur and run his or her own trucking business or he or she can drive for a national trucking company. There are plenty of chances for advancement as well. Some heavy truck drivers move up to become driving trainers, warehouse supervisors, dispatchers, managers, and/or traffic coordinators.

If trucking sounds like the job for you, you will find steady employment and an interesting career path waiting for you. The world is bustling with opportunities for drivers of all kinds of vehicles who want to hit the road armed with their CDL.