Not only criticism existent, but concrete proposals to be implemented immediately and suggestions for a policy in favor of young people and education. The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI), held at the meeting on 23 January has analyzed the current state of the Italian university and developed a program of action suggests that the government and the Ministry of Education to save. The plan is called “Towards a new university” and is divided into 4 areas: autonomy competitiveness, financing simplification.

Among the proposals of the CRUI, the first measures suggested to the government to save the Italian universities are a responsible autonomy in the policies of recruitment, with constraints related only to the relationship between teachers and researchers, and in the manner of expenditure, together with a greater promotion the mobility of students and researchers between the various Italian universities, even to make up for deficiencies or redundancies and to realize joint projects. But to save our universities, said the rector, also serves fail to see the increase in the attraction of foreign professors and researchers through temporary exchanges with foreign countries.


Another theme that is particularly dear to CRUI is the competitiveness of Italian universities. Since the relaunch Eustachian faculty and researcher, currently with an average age of 51 years. The proposal is to launch a five-year plan that allows the entry of new researchers 2 thousand per year and a “Young Talents Plan” which provides a national competition for the best PhD sanction of the year, which provide a research position at time determined.

To save the Italian university CRUI also suggests the idea of a tax credit to promote their vocational integration of young graduates, not to mention the enhancement of the title of Doctor of Philosophy in the public and private agencies, providing tax breaks for recruitment of young researchers. For example, modeled on the Dutch legislation concerning the so-called high skills workers.