The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Japan shall make available scholarships to be used at Japanese universities for study and research.

Who they are

The scholarships are aimed at Japan 2014 graduates, artists or undergraduates (the latter must achieve the title by March or September 2015). Candidates must have been born after April 2, 1980 and be in possession of a good knowledge of the Japanese language, for those who have the intention to take courses in Japanese language and literature, the history of Japan, etc), and / or language English. It requires you to not be Japanese nationals, not the military on active duty and not be enrolled in Japanese universities. Those who have already benefited in the past from an economic contribution to their education intended by the Government of Japan can compete only if 3 or more years have elapsed since his return to Italy.

The amount and duration

Japan Scholarships 2014 are valid for periods of study lasting 24 months (from April 2015) or 18 months (from October 2015) and provide for the exemption from tuition fees, air travel to and from Japan and a monthly financial contribution of about € 1,000 .


The requirements

They can apply for scholarships Japan 2014 must satisfy the following requirements:

* Be born after April 2, 1980;
* Be graduates or undergraduates artists (the latter should get the title by March or September 2015;
* Not be permanent military service;
* Not be Japanese nationals;
* Not be enrolled in Japanese universities;
* Have not received a financial contribution from the Japanese government in the last 3 years.

How and when to apply

Applications for scholarships must be sent to Japan in 2014 through the online procedure available on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and delivered with annexes specified in the notice, by hand or by mail, the Office of Cultural Embassy of Japan, Via Quintino Sella, 60-00187 Rome. The deadline for submitting applications is set at April 15, 2014 .