If there’s one thing college students need Italians are scholarships for those who are deserving but deprived of means. Yet the Ministry of Education late yet to issue a decree containing the new economic rules and the new thresholds and for their assignment, already expected last year. So many regions emanate the notice with data from 2013. Meanwhile, the student unions are protesting, but because of some rumors began to circulate that speak of a possible tightening of credit standards .

What scholarships for deserving students but lack the economic means has always been an important node of the right to education, and with the economic crisis of recent years has become a hot issue even more. Many universities are waiting to know the new thresholds of income, with indicators and Isee Ispe appropriate by the Ministry to the cost of living. But the decree late now for more than a year since he was suspended for the student protests.


Despite the delay of the Ministry of Education, calls for accommodation places and scholarships, though, are seeing the light equally. Without an update of the indicators: many regions have provided or are providing autonomy to adopt them in maintaining the data in 2013 .

Meanwhile, to urge the Minister of Education there are also protests by student unions . LINK – University Coordination does not hesitate, through the national spokesperson Alberto Campailla, to define “absurd that even an act of ordinary administration such as the enactment of a simple ministerial decree by the Minister Giannini adaptation becomes an issue to be publicly denounce.”

Serious the situation is even according to the Union of University Students (UDU), reminiscent of all the limitations of the right to study in Italy, “the European country that spends less, providing a scholarship to less than 10 percent of students enrolled. And the only one to present the figure of eligible non-recipients : in fact, 20 percent of the students that they have a right, do not get the bag for lack of funds . ”

A situation, the latter, which could further worsen. The first rumors, in fact, speak of a ministerial decree containing criteria for the award tightened. The draft provides for a cut of 30 per cent of the scholarships, reducing the reserve of about 50 thousand students. And while there’s no official confirmation, the perplexity increase.