Helping young people to choose wisely the right school or the right, or to extricate the world of work. With this intent, after the break for the Christmas holidays, will arrive in the new schools plan for guidance signed by Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza, accompanied by a communication campaign called “I choose, I study” . The plan will be funded with 6.6 million Euros provided by dl and Education will provide students a site web and mentors in each school, and the media will be launched commercials to raise public awareness on the importance of guidance for choose their future education and career.

The orientation, according to the new setting given by the Minister coach, will involve the last year of middle school and the fourth and fifth year of high school . The goal? “Helping children to discover their own personal project, because student success is the success of the school,” says the minister. The new plan will actively involve principals and teachers – trained – and requires the presence of a mentor for guidance in every school .


But the new technologies, which now the Minister of Education has been particularly attentive, will be used to service orientation. With this aim will be launched the campaign “I choose, I study”, which wants to offer as many channels of information possible for young people who face important choices about their future as those relating to higher education and university, but also to stay abroad and at work.

Among the names that will participate in the campaign for the ‘orientation’ I choose, I study “for now those are confirmed astronaut Luca, writer and radio host Chiara Gamberale and chef Bruno Barbieri. With the new year, then we’ll see in a TV advertising campaign – planned, for now, from 1 to January 14, 2014 – carried out by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Rai School .