The main feature of a high school teacher, charged with educating teens, is his dedication to the work and total dedication.

The hallmark of most pronounced in a high school teacher is his vocation for teaching. The vast majority of teachers, whether primary, secondary or university, they like to teach. Unfortunately, the vocation is not a factor that prospective teachers take into account when choosing their profession. In recent times are witnessing the arrival of new secondary teachers who are dedicated to teaching as the only way the labor market.

The high school teacher: characteristics and qualities

It is safe to say that those who teach without a vocation, eventually, sooner rather than later before that hate their work, suffer depression, that they will be an impenetrable wall in the classroom which are enclosed with their students. Another essential feature, and a high school teacher should never be separated, is patience. Without this attribute, the teachers would be doomed to disaster. To this we must add innate curiosity to learn, typical of every teacher, but also awareness of its work is crucial to the future of their children, combating the difficulties, not to fall into despondency and disillusionment.


Beginning in teaching

When a teacher begins teaching does not know exactly what will be in the classroom. A teacher with a bachelor believe that dominates recent. Classroom reality but is different from theory. The experience will build their professional identity, everyday, working with the student. Class given hourly learn new things, to apply in the future. The experiences of fellow teachers will also be a good help to shape their professional identity. Being aware of the new teaching, knowledge of new teaching resources, understanding the behavior of their students, accommodate new needs, knowing that society, like the students, is changing. All affect the construction of their personal and professional identity.

Difficulties in a high school teacher

The largest difficulties at work to teach a group of teenagers could be summarized as follows in order of difficulty:

* The interest students in the field
* The achievement of a favorable climate for student attention
* The motivation
* Coordination with colleagues in other subjects
* Overcrowding in some classrooms
* Underestimation of the educational task by some parents
* Administrative bureaucracy.

Manage a group of teenagers is a difficult task and even teach a subject they hate and do not care.