Discover the secret of eternal youth is one of the goals that students pursue with greater zeal. This race seems to have now arrived at a turning point: a group of researchers at Duke University (USA) has identified a worm, a mechanism that allows you to “stop time”. The elixir of life of this invertebrate? Fasting.

The worm in question is called Nematode C. Elegnas and is able to slow down their aging phone through deprivation of food. It is able to fast for up to two weeks while maintaining intact its functions, and during this time it is as if its time to stop. Without the possibility of feeding, the worm in fact put into a state similar to hibernate, and when it comes out, it’s the same as when you came in, as if the days on which fasting has remained were not passed.


In the study published in PLoS Genetic, researchers at Duke University have compared the level of aging of some of these worms were left without food for two weeks with those of others who had never suffered from hunger, noting that those in the first group during fasting had not suffered the effect of the passage of time, as if they had discovered the secret of eternal youth.

The implications of this finding could be important not only for studies on methods of anti-aging, but also and especially for the treatment of cancer: “One of the greatest mysteries related to cancer is the way in which the cells are able to go in metastasis, apparently lie dormant in the body for years and then suddenly wake up. My guess speiga David R. Sherwood, a professor of biology at Duke University and head of research that is the process by which the worms stop the development of its own cells and reactivate it could be the same that is the basis of metastasis Human tumor. ”

The secret of eternal youth is perhaps not around the corner and maybe not everyone would be willing to fast to stop time but they sure make progress in the fight against this terrible disease could prolong the lives of many.