It is the day of admission test for the health professions in 2013 . Aspiring nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, radiographers, dietitians, speech therapists, etc.. at 11:00 this morning they opened the envelopes containing the fateful 60 questions, to fight for the ability to access one of the 22 bachelor degree programs that are part of the family of the health professions.

100 minutes available to candidates in the admission test for the health professions, 2013, that they had to rely on their preparation and groped for his own good fortune to win one of the 27,441 seats available for the academic year 2013-2014. For each correct answer provided by the candidates will be awarded 1.5 points, mind, it will be removed 0.40 for incorrect answers and no points will be added or subtracted to the calculation for those not given. The final score of the admission test for the health professions 2013 of each candidate will be determined by that totaled responding to questions raised plus any additional points obtained thanks to the ‘maturity bonus’ .


With regard to the questions of the admission test for the health professions, 2013, each university has set up authorized a trial of him and universities will have as much autonomy even in drawing up the merit list. Evidence of access to three-year courses of the health professions, in fact, do not provide the national ranking , therefore, how many will be in a good position in the lists published by each university will be able to proceed directly to registration in accordance with the procedures set out in each notice.

Intent on the web runs the protest yesterday of how many were involved in the test for admission to Veterinary Medicine . Applicants complain about the ‘ too difficult questions posed by MIUR, pointing in particular to questions such as general knowledge relating to Nobel Prize winners – who seems to have claimed many victims – which asked to indicate for which disciplines including mathematics, medicine, physics, economics and chemistry is not expected to be awarded the prestigious award.