Fall between the students who enroll at the university, performance indexes and data relating to the conditions of the labor market, the sixteenth report on the profile of the graduates ALMALAUREA Italian has many insights on the situation of young people of the Bel. Among the first reactions, that of the Union of University Students (UDU) : The report highlights that our country needs immediate investments in higher education,” was the comment of the student.

Aim the university out of the crisis and to return to a whole generation of young ones prospects for the future that seem to have disappeared: the light of the data offered by the ratio ALMALAUREA graduates, 2014, the UDU raised their demands to the government. “The data confirm what we repeat to exhaustion: our university needs investment and centrality in government policies, “said the national coordinator Gianluca Scuccimarra. Conditions so that it can return to being a “powerful tool of social mobility, collective growth and a growth engine for the country.”


The data report ALMALAUREA graduates in 2014 photographing an Italy far from the rate of graduates of other OECD countries and the EU targets for 2020, with a number of university entrants still falling (-20 per cent from 2003 to 2012). And a world of work in extreme difficulty, with youth unemployment at record high of 43 per cent , but in which graduates seem to hold up better than those who have only graduated. Scuccimarra continues: “The government should seriously ask yourself the question of how to increase the number of graduates, encouraging students to enroll and counter the abandonment, which sees 16 out of 100 students leave the university at the first year.

The recipes? “We dell Urdu we have proposed several times. We need to return to investing, open university eliminating the inhuman treatment of closed numbers and greatly enhance the orientation for high school students. “Theme, the latter also the Education Minister Stefania Giannini said recently having to be priorities for the Ministry of Education.