They are so convinced that they could not find a place in Italy that seven out of ten graduates seeking jobs directly to foreign. According to a survey of T-Island, the first company to recruit skilled Italian only on the international labor market, the majority of those who are applying for a job position outside national borders is in possession of a bachelor’s degree and eight candidates ten fluent in English, while more than one in four has a certain familiarity with other languages. Not to mention that at least half, about 56 per cent of our countrymen who have decided to emigrate has accumulated professional experience of not less than 6 years.


T-Island takes care to select, test and put into contact with a network of 76 companies all over the world Italian candidates seeking employment abroad and since she was born, just a few months ago, has already received 575 requests and nearly 40 open positions. The data are therefore particularly reliable and speak to a worrying situation: a growing number of Italian graduates who are looking for an escape to some foreign country to better develop and among them are many profiles “high skilled”, ie a high rate skills.

And it is more specialized figures to be more popular than others. For them, in fact, immediately triggered the feedback of the company: “If there is a professional or a very good worker (doctor, manager, designer, working in the IT industry), we go looking for companies or services that are compatible,” says Stefano, CEO of T-Island. But to seek work abroad are not only the most experienced graduates. For graduates and workers with skills more common or reduced, however, the waiting times are longer.

The result is a continuous erosion of our country for the loss of human capital and skilled resources made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable by the State and by companies to the training of these workers, now disheartened, they decide to look abroad on business success in Italy seems more of a wet dream, exporting their skills and putting them to good use beyond the Italian borders.