It is always known, but now comes yet another confirmation: the bad habit of skipping breakfast is bad for the body, making various diseases arise in the long run. And this applies to everyone, young and old. This was revealed by a survey conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, which has proven an increase of 27 per cent of the factor of cardiac risk, especially coronary insufficiency, in the morning who refuses to eat something before you start your day.

To the conclusion that skipping breakfast hurt, it has been conducting a multi-year study – 1992-2008 – on a sample of 27 thousand males between 45 and 82 years. The health risks that we encounter on a daily basis by implementing this bad habit are related to the fact that it puts further stress your body after the fast of the night, causing your body to a security mode that does increase the pressure of the blood, the insulin and cholesterol . In detail, in the category of those who forgets or deliberately avoids the morning to eat something, it was found that the most at risk would be smoking, single, alcohol drinkers and sedentary people.


There are no risks of even the younger ones, skipping breakfast entirely or only in part, from large to undergo a weight gain and a higher level of glucose in the blood than normal, getting sick in certain cases of diabetes . In addition, according to scholars, to 16 years to avoid what should be the first meal of the day would allow to predict the onset of metabolic syndrome at around 43 years. This is not a real disease, but a combination of factors that cause cardiovascular risk, or abdominal fat, blood sugar and high pressure and low levels of cholesterol good.

But according to what emerged from the American study, eat well at breakfast not only bring benefits in the long term, preventing certain diseases, but also in the short term, helping to maintain a healthy diet throughout the day. For this to happen, however, it is necessary that the morning meal is no lack cereals, grains, bread or toast spread with jam, honey or hazelnut cream with dried fruit or fruit juice. And then, that the day begins.