Sociology is a subject that is very popular. But what is taught in the field of study and expected? Here you can find it.

It is the sociology of social relations is already in the word. But what exactly is expected in a study?

Department of Sociology

Sociology is a very critical area of ​​expertise. The reason is that this discipline was in the days of the Enlightenment. By and large, we can say that the sociology of the exploration of human relationships. So the conditions, development and operations of the human bonds and society. They mediated by different components between the natural and social sciences. Because so many complex elements incorporated into this area, it is not surprising that there are many disciplines such as philosophy, psychology or education with includes. Also, other social subjects such as political science, modern history or economics will find their influence.

The study

The Bachelor Degree in Sociology consists of six semesters and provides the opportunity after another to make master.In the basic studies basic things such as capturing the statistical or economic, as well as understanding the basics will be taught. The focus of the various fields such as psychology itself can be chosen. In the main study will be further deepened and the basics, students can further specialize in one area. Since the offer from university to university is very different in terms of specialization, should be established beforehand and exact information.


Interests and skills that the student must have

Provided to the student is a degree of intellectual creativity and analytical thinking, because it is later to make the task of the sociologist with the company. They say that a strong social interest to be present. Many issues such as the impact of work on the psyche (in the background of depression or other disorders) can be assigned as a seminar.

Occupations of sociologists

After studying sociology are open to many professions. It is possible as an editor or journalist, or the like to go into the media industry. In PR agencies sociologists are seen very much. After all, journalism students are properly trained by practicing in academic work. Otherwise, find sociologists in educational institutions or work in the open economy. Especially in human beings, they are often employed. Market research companies are often very interested in them. In addition, many social professions are exercised.

Career opportunities

Since the students have received in the course of the study a good general education and experience such a comprehensive training in dealing with other people, you have to use very flexible and therefore have good career opportunities. The income of graduates, according to a study by the University of Mannheim, at € 30,000 gross per year and has a good chance to rise to 40,000 €. Also, almost all graduates have now, or find a job after 5 months.