At Stanford University, one of the most prestigious American universities, is going to start a revolution among the tools that students and faculty of Medicine will use regularly very soon there will be the Google glass. The glasses come with augmented reality giant’s Mountain View will be used to help the practical learning and their employment promises to radically change the way we teach and learn surgical techniques.

The introduction of glass between Google educational tools will be possible thanks to the agreement between Stanford and CrowdOptic, a company specializing in live streaming , which is primarily concerned with sport and entertainment, but will now also in the field of medicine.


The technology comes more and more also in the academic world and change the established practices of training. In fact, with the use of glasses for augmented reality and the use of the streaming live, not just the students will be able to see the execution of surgical interventions from the perspective of teachers, observing in detail the movements, but they can also view real-time additional information, which normally would not see. Their experience, therefore, through the use of Google glass will be greatly enriched .

To take advantage of the possibilities offered by Google glass will also be teachers of Stanford, who will be able to better follow the test in the operating room of students, giving advice and making immediate observations about what boys do. So even the most subtle flaws will be noted and any errors will be corrected immediately.

And the privacy of patients? Never fear their confidentiality will be guaranteed to be 100 per cent. Will, in fact, turn off all other applications of Google glass and more importantly – images and videos through these special glasses will be the sole property of the university, excluding all possibility that others can access it outside of the students and faculty of Medicine of Stanford University .