The United States is certainly one of the strictest countries in terms of health, and that does not exclude international students. If they are obliged to take out health insurance , they must also bring with them some documents that will allow the doctor on site to monitor the quality taking into account the background of the student.

Prepare its “health” documents before leaving:

The first thing to do is to prepare properly before leaving. You must gather all documents to monitor your health, starting with your health record, the list of vaccines and their updates and recommendations your doctor about any treatment that you need to follow regularly. Translate yourself or someone knowledgeable if possible some documents to make things easier on arrival. The second thing to do is make sure you have subscribed to an additional health insurance before you leave. It is clearly required by the university, and although U.S. institutions also offer, costs are often two to three times higher.


Student in the United States health a few tips

The first time you see your doctor in the United States, return all documents. Medical centers often have an agreement with the university , the steps for students are facilitated, including international students, and we will tell you as soon start where to go in case of a health problem.

All documents related to your health are important enough for you to put it in your hand luggage and not your suitcase when you fly to the United States. Also take medication for several months if you follow a treatment, because it can be difficult to get an appointment with the doctor the month of arrival, and it can offer you a different treatment as it deems best suited, or not be able to prescribe medications that you need. So do not take risks.

Check the list of required vaccines or “Immunization list” in the U.S. state in which you are traveling. Indeed, not all states have the same list of mandatory vaccines, and it may be interesting to learn.