Students joining a university education in China must once admitted into the university of their choice, start the process for student accommodation on site. If universities often reserve part of university housing for international students, there are other possibilities to you to choose what suits you best! Be careful though, to live outside the campus student, you must first ask permission from your university and do not take the right principle.

University accommodation on campus in Chinese universities:

University accommodation in universities in China today are of an excellent standard, and have all the necessary facilities, kitchen, bathroom, single rooms, double rooms, internet access included or cheap. You can often send your preferences for nationality roommates with whom you share common parts.

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Prices range from 90 euros to 500 euros per month depending on the university, the city, and the options chosen, it is difficult to average. You should know that the big cities of China to offer pretty much similar prices to major European cities, at least for housing. For housing through the university, you should contact the university upon admission letter received to guarantee a place as demand often exceeds supply.

The university also offers hotels or residence in partnership hosting students at great prices and offer an interesting alternative for students who do not want to live in student residences or who begin the process of obtaining a university housing too later.

Private student housing and off-campus in China

It is quite possible for an international student to live off campus. Finding accommodation is fairly easy, although some criteria must be met, such as the proximity to the university, minimal facilities and internet access.
Prices vary greatly from one area to another, and from one city to another, so it is difficult to make an average. For the city of Beijing, for example, it will cost 1500 RMB 3000 RMB per month, between 175 euros and 350 euros per month.