The decision to undertake a course of higher education affects the life, of course, each student, but often also of his family. The costs for registration, books, fees, maintenance can be challenging indeed. If you add the fact that, at times, the frequency of courses does not allow to become independent, even with a part-time job, this choice can be very difficult and limiting. But few may know that it is possible for students to borrow, some services offered through the university.

For a couple of years, the Ministry for Youth and Sport and Italian Banking Association, in collaboration with the Ministry for Reforms and innovations in public administration and the Ministry of University and Research presented the “Protocol of Understanding between the Government and the Italian Banking Association for the realization of the Credit for the Study. It is an honor loans for students who wish to continue their studies.

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To get special guarantees are not necessary, you have to be Italian or non enrolled at the University and then resident in Italy and be aged between 18 and 35 years. You also have to demonstrate some merit requirements and academic performance. In particular, those who enroll in the first year must have a high school diploma with a score of at least 80% of the maximal grade. However, those who enrolled subsequent to completion of at least 2/3 of the credits provided for the previous academic year, with an average of not less than 24/30.

The loan can also have access to graduate students enrolled in a master’s degree, we have graduated with at least 90% of the maximal grade. To get the loan you should contact the lenders agreement and all information to the appropriate branches of the University. Each university is in principle an agreement with a bank, but in principle the rules and conditions of the loan are similar. You can access a loan of 5000 euro per year for a total of three years. Each student will be free to spend this money for the needs that they consider most appropriate: the fees, books, from your subscription to public transport.