Many students aspire to achieve a degree abroad, but also to specialize through Master, beyond national borders and Europe. The selection of student loans to study abroad in Italy is aimed at the attendance of Master and Postgraduate courses to be carried out at foreign universities, affiliated with the Italian ones, which, in turn, have agreements with banks the landlords loans. Usually the student loans to study abroad is a secondary choice compared to scholarships that are paid by public authorities, and private foundations to cover the costs of the training abroad.

To know the calls in progress you can see the relevant section calls for. Who can not benefit from the scholarships can opt for student loans , which unlike the first, provided by way of grant, will be returned at the end of their academic career or after the commencement of the work. In general, banks authorized to provide loans to support graduate studies in Italy require that the student loans can also be used to attend the Masters abroad. To locate these banks, unless you decide to seek information from the nearest bank branch, you can visit the official websites of banks indexed on the web with the keyword ” student loans for study abroad .


You can also request information directly to your university national, usually settled with banks authorized to disburse the loans. The possibility to apply for a student loans for study abroad in the sense of degree outside of Italy, and not a Master, is not yet widespread in Italy. These student loans are obtained directly from the foreign country where you will follow the academic path, as is the case for foreign students who graduate in Italy. An attempt to find student loans for studying abroad, directly in Italy, is to consult the prospectuses of the banks where they are listed in the universities where you can study.