Any person wishing to study in Australia (undergraduate, graduate or any other level) for longer than 3 months period, must apply for a student visa. Students who wish to pursue a program that has a shorter duration than 3 months (or 12 weeks) may apply for a visitor visa. Also, those interested in making short while vacationing courses and work must apply the so-called working holiday visa .

student visa in australia

Student visa for people who want to study full time and make a recognized course (over 3 months) in an Australian academic institution registered in the Register of the Commonwealth of Institutes and Courses for Overseas Students (Commonwealth Register of Institutions is granted and Courses for Overseas Students, CRICOS). This type of visa allows to study and work. They may work in limited time activities, while the course is in session, and full-time during the school holidays made. For this, the student must apply in Australia for a work permit, which can be ordered once the student has started the course. In addition, the dependent student, as a spouse, may also work.

Student visa types and level of evaluation of dossiers

• Australian authorities granted student visas according to two criteria: the type of study shall issue the person concerned and the country of origin of the candidate.
• The type of study to be carried overseas student in Australia determines the category of visa will be assigned according to the following scheme:
• Visa independent ELICOS, category 570 (ELICOS – Ingles Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)
to international students who wish to pursue an independent course of English and not as a prerequisite to begin other studies is granted. These courses are called ELICOS, for its acronym in English “Ingles Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students”.
• Visa for courses in primary and secondary school category 571 (Primary or Secondary School Course)
For international students going to study in a primary or secondary school, or an approved secondary exchange program.
• Visa for vocational education and training, category 572 (Vocational Education and Training, VET)
Aimed at students who aspire to qualify for the labor market taking courses in vocational education. This type of visa covers courses leading to certificates type I, II, III and IV, diploma and advanced diploma.
• Visas for higher education, category 573 (Higher Education)
international students will take courses in Australian higher education that awarded diplomas’s degree, associate, degree certificate, diploma, degree, diploma graduate diploma is awarded higher education, advanced higher education diploma and masters courses.
• Visas for postgraduate research, category 574 (Postgraduate Research)
is granted to research masters students and doctoral courses.