They received their “clients” in the vicinity of the Faculty of Medicine, attending, the two students of the University of Genoa turned gigolo to pay for college studies. They put an ad on a popular classifieds site, through which they promoted their “services”, which then lent the walls of some apartments located near the university.

After the suspicions of the police post, the two young men were later caught by the police in flagrant offense. When asked about their “activities” the two students, both foreign and twenty-five, stated that they had started making the gigolo in order to pay for college and realize the dream of becoming doctors.

The comings and goings from the apartments of the San Martino, moreover, was intense and could not pass entirely unnoticed by the fact that the two students from the University of Genoa receive “visits” by people of many different ages and social backgrounds. In announcing that the two gigolos had published online , were intended as “comrades” in erotic games and partner for homosexual relationships. All with the consent of the owner of the houses, which also took a percentage of earnings .

The rates of sexual performance of the two-gigolo students went from 30 to 50 euro , money they needed to pay the fees of the University of Genoa and pay the cost of room and board, as the two have explained to the police. The owner of the apartments has been investigated for aiding and abetting prostitution.

The story of two students from the University of Genoa turned-gigolo to be able to pay taxes should make people think. Events of this kind seemed far away from us and when the news came, mostly from the English-speaking world (where study costs significantly more expensive), and we were amazed us indignation. For some years now, however, even in Italy the lines of the universities become more and more salt to the point that many do not make it longer bear the expense. The majority, then, gives up the dream of graduation, as evidenced by the data on registrations. But there are also those who are willing to do anything to scrape together the funds needed, even to sell their bodies.