Studies abroad, you’ve already tried? Between the multitude of institutions and programs, or the complexity of administrative procedures, thousands of you each year prefer to stay in the country of Moliere. shame, when we know the real need for international students to foreign universities.

The solution for study abroad – the Apuí:

But what is the solution to not stay glued to the gum firmly attached to the benches of the French school? Little known to the general public, the International University Placement Agencies assist students in all the steps leading to enrollment in a university foreign. Selection of institutions, constitution of admission records, management of admission and registration procedures, initial support and on-site installation. the real experts studies (and paperwork) are responsible to guide you in parts less “friendly” to your project and “coachent” for it happen time and time.


Apuí multi-destinations: the gems to choose their study destination:

Most Apuí specialize in one or two destinations (maximum). However, there are some gems that have a broader expertise covering several countries. Among them, there are Study Experience ® offering Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Based in the 8 the district of Paris, this small company receives requests from all over France and Europe and its partnership with the travel agency Languages ​​& Travel , based in Lyon, Lille, Marseille and Brussels.

When to register abroad? When a contact Apuí?

When should I register? Since there are several university revenues abroad, a student may enroll at any time of the year and include a higher education program (depending on the course in question): July and February in Australia and New Zealand , September, January and May in Canada and the USA, in September and January in the UK. Note that, ideally, a draft study abroad must prepare a year or at least six months (including visa issues).

Advisors Study Experience ® are aware of the various deadlines and will guide you accordingly, whatever your project!Do not hesitate to call us at, or visit us at our offices 25 rue de Turin 75008 Paris (M ° Liege, Place de Clichy, St Lazare, Rome and Europe).