Among the students who decide to undertake the study abroad experience in recent years has increased the number of those who decide to attend a degree course in China. This is because China is now a historical fact and booming economic growth and therefore a safe investment over its future. Whoever therefore wishes to enrich your curriculum and then an international experience, may decide to go to China, to attend one of the prestigious universities in the country, which have nothing to envy to the most famous international names.

Of course it is a real lifestyle choice, it is therefore necessary to inquire and assess thoroughly all details because, unlike other nearby destinations, China represents a radical change, not only in the studio but in lifestyle and mentality. In principle on a total of 25 million Chinese students, about 150,000 are foreigners and are particularly future engineers, managers and lawyers to make this kind of choice. In fact, the areas in which the Chinese universities Excel are new technologies, management and international management. For those who intend to undertake the study experience in China it is important to know some news:


The Chinese universities are a limited number: the total of applications is 9 circus million a year, for a total bid of about 5 million jobs. To register, so it is important to move to time (keeping in mind that one academic year runs from September to June) by applying directly to the International Relations Office of the Chinese University to attend.

Language: The official language is Potonghua. In order to attend University is necessary to know the Chinese University, is therefore requested the test HSK, who demonstrates the knowledge. For those who wish to attend business school, you must obtain a certificate of English.

Budget: Before departure it is important to do an assessment of overall expenses for a year abroad. University enrollment fees hovering around 3500 euro. The total budget, then, varies greatly depending on where you decide to live: cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, in fact, have rather high rental costs. The city remains prohibitive, however, Hong Kong, where the overall budget by budget is in excess of 15,000 euros per year.