For a college student move to Rome and look for accommodation is not a simple thing. Sometimes, it’s a real business: the high prices, the distance, the roommates, the contract!

* First, calculate the budget which you have available, in order to eliminate immediately the alternatives too expensive. In general, in Rome, he spends about € 250-350 per month for a bed in a double and 400-500 € for a single room, especially in the vicinity of the university. Monthly expenses are high but are usually included in the price.

* A simple solution would be to organize with other people and share the rent. The costs would be reduced, it could take over other problems, such as the resignation of a roommate, which would result in the breakdown of the rent for the remaining occupants of the apartment, or divergent needs and problems of cohabitation.


* To find the ‘perfect accommodation should move well in advance 2-4 months before, and to anticipate the thousands of students made off is to have time to consider and verify the different offers before making the final choice. Contact friends, relatives, acquaintances and ask if they have any friend in Rome who rent apartments or rooms, will be more comfortable and easier to deal with someone you know and can trust.

* Enter in the ad age, occupation, preferences regarding the area, budget, room preferences (double, single, furnished etc). Do not forget to leave a contact: e-mail and / or phone.

* Pay attention to the conditions in the contract. Check on the map if the address of the apartment is convenient for transportation, if it is too far from the university.

* Do not be persuaded by proposals not credible: always visit the apartment? Also check if the tenants seem to good people or not. Also informed by the tenants themselves if they are good. Make sure with the owner that there are no expenses not specified payments and avoid black, ask for clarification on anything that seems unclear.

* If you are not able to find a home, there are alternatives. You can choose the student’s home in Rome (check the Internet), colleges (in this regard there are also scholarships that allow you not to pay the annual tuition fee ); religious hospitality , and finally point out the initiative Auser : the owner of the house, most of the time a senior, gives for rent, low price, a single room to a student in exchange for help around the house.