To obtain good results in studies must learn to study. Here is some advice to help you get it.

Studying is a job that requires significant mental effort. It is not just to memorize facts, but to be able to hold them until the test day and even throughout life. To achieve this it is important to use methods to optimize both time and performance, get the best results with the least possible effort.

Wanting to study

The first thing you should ask is whether you really want to study or not. This will become a life goal for some time that require sacrifice. Maybe it’s the need to have a basic education or go to college, prepare some oppositions or even get specialties or languages. In any case subsequently initiate studies to abandon is a waste of time, effort and sometimes even money. That must be a firm decision to stay with attitude.


Where to study

Once you are clear about this, the next step is to know where. The study site must always be the same. It will be a quiet place where the student is at home, away from noise and interruptions. Both temperature and lighting must be adequate to provide a friendly atmosphere. Regarding the light of study, it is useful to have a desk lamp, flex or similar, with a power not exceeding 40 watts, in order to avoid reflections on the book or notes to weary the eye, and therefore difficult the task. It is also important that the site be used exclusively for the study and the student. This translates into a room only to study, or if it is a bedroom, the study site will be solely and exclusively, the study table. They must flee from places like the bed, the couch, the living room or kitchen. If you do not have a quiet place, it’s best to move to any library.

When studying

Like the rest of the body, the brain is an organ that facilitate customs acquired predisposition to work. So it is always advisable to study at the same time. Consistency is also an important factor, so it is recommended that a daily handing the study so as to allow at least one rest day a week. So important are consistency and effort, as the rest. Some people prefer to study early and others who prefer to stay up later. This will be based on each person. Finally, it is advisable to make small breaks every two or three hours.

The environment where study

It is important to minimize anything that might distract attention as pictures, ornaments or anything else. This is something that every student should be evaluated personally. Moreover, it is convenient to have on hand all the necessary dictionaries, pens, books and other utensils or study tool. Rise will continually lose concentration at work and therefore to obtain the best results will require more hours and more effort. A great tool that there should always be a student agenda. This allows recall, plan and dose the job.

How to Study

When starting a new topic is important to do a first quick reading and understanding for substance. After this reading will be one second, in order to extract the salient points, while stressing the go.Then there will be a scheme where it will be represented graphically underlined above. It will be reflected in a synthesized form both the main ideas and secondary. This facilitates retention of data through the photographic memory. In some cases, can be reinforced with combination of colors differentiating the different sections of the theme. Finally, insist on a daily basis in the strengthening of the study, conducting rehearsals so repetitive and planned throughout the week, not forgetting the new issues that must be memorized . This will allow new knowledge without forgetting the already acquired.