The Sleep brings counsel : it seems that the old saying has more than reason. To demonstrate this, a study of researchers of Psychology, The wisdom University of Rome, published in the magazine preview Hippo campus . According to the research, sleeping in our memory is enhanced by the activity of the hippo campus and in particular benefit is the perception of space.

The spatial memories are closely related to the electrical activity of the hippo campus during sleep. This is what showed the experimental study carried out by researchers of Psychology of the University of Rome, Niggard Hospital (Milan), the universities of Bologna and the Eagle and the Canadian Calgary University. The scientific confirmation that, from some point of view, it is more than true that sleep “brings counsel.”


The experiment involved the exploration by patients of a virtual environment , to create a map cognitive perfect in which to move. Subsequently, was performed the monitoring of the electrical activity of the hippo campus and cerebral cortex during sleep and, finally, a new test was conducted spatial navigation on waking. So the researchers discovered the link between the frequencies of slow electrical activity of the hippo campus and the consolidation of memories related to space, with an almost perfect correlation during NREM sleep .

The discovery of researchers led by the University Wisdom comes after a long period of systematic study of the behavior of the hippo campus during sleep, and potentially opens up new avenues to optimize the learning process.

We await the training of space capabilities to improve sleep and consequently the efficiency of our memory? For now, the studies seem to confirm the ‘ importance of sleep – the lack of which would cause, according to a study by the University of Uppsala , damage to the brain. And that ancient wisdom that sees a good night’s sleep the best weapon to resume activities that require mental effort and mnemonic. If the last chapter rehearsed just does not want to enter it in the head, therefore, we have to rest for a while. Other than those who snooze you lose!