Do you want to experience study abroad, but you are not able to enter the Erasmus or Leonardo? Calm, all is not lost! As many of you know, the scholarships Erasmus or Leonardo projects are set up to give the student the opportunity to study abroad without his having to pay taxes in the host country and, sometimes, to help with expenses accommodation. But not all students will have the opportunity to access these projects! Thus, an alternative solution would be to study how student free mover, although in this case will not be entitled to any facilitation of economic type! The student free mover, unlike a student of Erasmus or Leonardo, will have total autonomy in the organization of study abroad, both from the economic and regarding the curriculum (which the student must agree with Italian universities).

The free mover student will be required to pay taxes foreign university choice, but, sometimes, have to pay a certain amount based on the courses taken and the tests to be incurred. As for the exams, they will be supported in the same way an Erasmus student: the only difference, as mentioned before, will be not to have any economic privilege. Although the figure of the free mover is not officially recognized by Socrates National Agency Italy, the student will have the same rights as the student member of the Erasmus! In addition, once back in Italy, all exams will be recognized according to the learning agreement previously entered into with the Italian university to which they belong.


How to become a student free mover

Here are some simple tips to be able to become a free mover student:

Before proceeding with the choice of foreign university, make sure that it allows the student to be able to take exams as a free mover. To do this, simply contact the International Relations Office and ask if you can attend courses those university as an international student. What I would suggest, is to choose a university that has a relationship of partnership with your: in this way, there will be problems in the recognition of exams taken abroad.

As you can imagine, many universities have limited places for international students and therefore could not accept your request! The important thing is not to lose heart: with a little patience, you will be able to find a university that has vacancies are available. Before departure, you will be very important to approve the plan of studies of Italian university affiliation. In fact, when the foreign university has accepted you as a free mover students, you should prepare the learning agreement specifying the tests that need support with their claims. Before departure, then, do approve of your university. Also because, otherwise, you may have some nasty surprises when you return!