It is impossible for the visa holders X student work. This restriction is not only valid for foreign students but also for Chinese students who do not have the opportunity to work. This limitation can be overcome only if you find the job before arriving in China, and that it allows you to finance your education. So you have to prove obtaining the job and the salary you will receive.

However, your visa you can still practice placements only in the course of your studies. The practice of these courses in China is very rare and little known. However, multinationals and other large groups familiar with this type of training and will not hesitate to take foreign students as part of their training.

Statutory working time: The working week in China is 40 hours for a full-time contract.

The student job search in China

The best way to find an internship or job is to learn in France before departure from multinationals operating in China would be willing to hire you. Once there, it’s back to these companies and groups that will have you spinning. Beware though, it seems that relationships are a key point to find a job without contact, hard to find a place.


The remuneration of students in China:

You can be compensated for the entire period of your training whatsoever with the management of current expenses (housing, food) or with a salary paid monthly basis. In all cases, salaries are commensurate with the cost of living there, with a few exceptions. Do not expect a higher salary 300 – 400 euros , which is the norm in China for students bac +3. Warning, it is not very well there is no legal minimum wage, you can be paid compensation but only in “Nature” (cover the costs on site), or even in some cases work without compensation (as in France, where it is not uncommon to receive nothing during an internship).