The University of Melbourne is the best university in Australia in the world rankings. She was ranked 37th by The Times, 31th by the QS University Rankings and 60th by the Shanghai in 2011 globally. This is one of the most renowned institutions in the world! To go further, it is classified in the top 30 universities in the world is a matter or proposed area. Each sector is potentially very attractive, and the university itself attracts thousands of international students each year.

The University of Melbourne campus

The university was established in 1853 with 16 students and 3 teachers. Today, it has nearly 47,000 students and 6,500 teachers , and has worldwide recognition in all areas of training it offers. Nearly 12,000 students are international and represent a total of 120 different countries.


The campus of the University of Melbourne is represented by:

* 12 different dormitories for housing
* The library has nearly 3.6 million items available in over 20 languages
* Dozens of clubs and sports associations
* 11 different faculties for each subject area
* The 2nd largest research center throughout Australia

The University of Melbourne is also known for its large opening between the formations. Thus, a student will be obliged to choose 25% of the classes in a specialization other than the one he chose to prepare. Thus, a business student can join the literary training, computer science, arts or engineering. There is no limitation, each being free to choose what he wants. The advantage of this system is twofold: to allow everyone to be open to another medium and another network while gaining flexibility in your career, but also as part of your studies, the transition from training to another is facilitated.

The University of Melbourne and the required entries

Level required, the University annually hosts the best international students in Australian universities applicant, competition is fierce. A strong case is necessary and a good involvement in extra-curricular activities to demonstrate your enthusiasm and motivation.