Globalization and internationalism are strong words. Both describe the development towards a more open community which is not divided by national borders, but which includes all cultures, language groups and religions by simultaneously ensuring the human rights of every single member of that community. It refers to the creation of connection, but also of economic and political reciprocities. In such a world, it is especially young people who want to learn about cultures different from their own.

For that reason, educational institutions like universities offer foreign students the chance of studying under specific exchange schemes in order to improve their intercultural competence. One of the Europeans’ favorite destinations is Australia which on the one hand allows them to practice their English skills, but on the other hand offers landscapes, mentalities, cultures and climates which are very much unlike those of people’s native country.

Australian Universities

How to get to Australia

No matter how fascinating the prospect of getting to the other half of the world might seem, the time abroad should be well planned. When moving to Australia, the visa requirements should be scrutinized. Students may be eligible for specific student visas based on the students’ individual assessment level. This level depends on the students’ passport and the relevant education sector. Furthermore, the university websites should be visited well in advance to find the best place for the individual subject. The University of Melbourne is definitely one of the most prestigious institutions because it is located in the very southeast of the continent and close to the sea.

Moreover, the research reputation ranks among the highest. Beside the charming city life, students who visit the continent can take the chance of learning about Aboriginal culture, the sacred Ayers Rock as well as the unparalleled underwater world at the coast. In their holidays, they might decide to do diving courses, too. And if they like it there, they may even decide to spend their work life Down Under.