Studying is one of the rights established in the Constitution and is recognized at all. Unfortunately, it is a law quite expensive! Including tuition fees, cost of books and the possibility to study off-site (with the addition of rental costs and displacement), the costs to be incurred can become unsustainable for many families! However, today you can take advantage of economic aid in the form of subsidized loans for students, so they can better manage the college expenses.

subsidized loans for students

The fund loans for students was established some years ago by the Ministry of Youth, in collaboration with the ‘ Italian Banking Association (ABI), with the aim to finance university courses and master. The student who wants to access this service, should first consult a banking institution that adheres to. Without this, we must ask them to fill out the appropriate forms. However, to obtain a loan, there are certain requirements to be met:

1. aged between 18 and 40 years;
2. be in possession of a high school diploma with a grade of at least 75/100;
3. be enrolled in one of the following courses: Bachelor degree or specialized single-cycle degree course (and in that case be holding a three-year bachelor’s degree with a score of at least 100/110), University Master first or second level, and in possession of a degree, respectively three-year or specialist, by a vote of at least 100/110, Specialization course following the master degree in medicine and surgery with single vote of at least 100/110, Ph.D. research abroad, that the purpose of recognition in Italy, must have a legal term of three years;
4. be in compliance with the payment of tuition fees.

Remember that the loan amount can be up to 25,000 euros, paid in annual installments of not less than 3,000 Euros and not more than 5,000. Financing conditions and the rate applied are set by individual banking institutions participating in the initiative, according to the agreements between the Ministry and the ABI (usually very beneficial). The manner in which the loan must be repaid will start at least 30 months after the last installment of the loan received and must take place between 3 and 15 years later, dividing in installments more comfortable and flexible as possible, in agreement with the bank in question. The application form must be accompanied by a copy of the following documents:

1. valid ID,
2. copy of high school diploma with an indication of the vote achieved or copy of the degree certificate,
3. copy of the certificate issued by the university certifying the enrollment of university degree, specialization or master and the regularity of the payment of tuition fees.

Finally, after completing the model in all its parts and attachments, do not forget to sign each sheet before handing.