Summer is often synonymous with particularly long holiday for French students, but this period may also represent an opportunity to do an internship abroad! And if France, a summer internship is not particularly common, small jobs with more popularity, many other countries are accustomed to this kind of practice! Internships during the summer are particularly common in Anglo-Saxon countries because they have some advantages, both for the company and the intern. We will present you all the benefits of this type of project!

An internship abroad in the summer, provided the right mood!

If you go on internship abroad in the summer, this is an opportunity to discover a country, a culture and the business world in the best light to the extent that it is probably the best time of year . ‘s climate is likely to be favorable and you will work in the best conditions, although nothing prevents you from traveling on weekends.

Duration shortened to discover a function:

Another major advantage, the summer courses last on average 1 to 3 months and allow you to discover a function for a short time, which prevents fatigue. Your motivation will peak from beginning to end, and the company will be the first to enjoy this passion! It’s also quick and easy to obtain additional professional experience on your resume so, and fill gaps if necessary via-a-vis your professional project or study.

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Discover life at the international and the corporate world:

An internship abroad in the summer is also the opportunity to experience life as an international student for a short time to determine if it is possible to repeat the experience! Similarly, you will return directly to the business world through the front door starting internationally, for those who have not yet experience.

A recruitment process for companies:

For companies and large international groups, the summer season is an opportunity to recruit many newly qualified trainees in order to test their skills and abilities and whether they correspond to the job.More and more companies are recruiting graduates to secure positions in this manner, after having monitored internally for several weeks during a summer internship. For French students wishing to work abroad later, a summer internship abroad is then an excellent gateway into a business.

Of indemnities to see internships often weak absent:

One of the only drawbacks summer internships abroad is the lack of compensation for the majority of them. If large groups often provide benefits to their students, SMEs are unlikely to offer wages for a short period. But the interest of the summer internship is not there.

Flexibility welcome to multiply experiences:

Not necessarily easy when people apply for abroad from France but achievable accumulated experience is a feasible and very interesting solution. Indeed, the lack of compensation may cause some flexibility in your schedule and working days, and you can only work a few days a week. Thus, for the more adventurous, it is quite feasible to spend the first three days of the week in a company, to discover a function, and the last two in a second company in a similar or different post! Trainer and rewarding!