As every year, England opened its doors for the summer holidays to thousands of students and French students ready to go and study abroad to learn English. Reference destination for a first trip linguistics, England has always been as attractive, combining proximity to France, low cost of living and large linguistic discoveries! And quality schools are not lacking on the spot , with a strong academic pulled up through the British Council which sets standards and accredits the best language schools throughout the country! And it is not Boa language, which offers multiple offers language courses in England who says otherwise!

And why not a language course in London?

London is a European and global capital, and one could almost say that it is also the capital of the language course. The possibilities are many language schools are located in every corner of the city, while London host families in the thousands. At the cultural level, the city offers enough activities, monuments and cultural centers to occupy a student for several months.

But it is also highly developed student life that will attract young people worldwide , with many bars, clubs and other meeting places located throughout the city, and to get acquainted with students from around the world. English can be practiced in language classes, but especially in a natural way out in joy and good humor.


Flexible formulas to suit your projects

In addition to offering a captivating environment, language schools London offer many flexible term formulas. Want to learn English in general only in July? It is possible from 3 to 5 weeks without difficulty. You want to prepare for the TOEFL language test or IELTS? Specific programs are offered, focusing on understanding the form and methods of test for a maximum score. In the end, a language course in London seems to be an excellent project for your summer vacation!