Finally established the procedures for the ‘ supernumerary admission to the courses of degree program at the national level of those who had been excluded due to the abolition in the running of the ‘bonus maturity’ . With the Ministerial Decree no. 986 of November 29, 2013 the Ministry of Education has regulated the procedures to follow to improve their enrollment in Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Primary Education and Health Professions.

The ministerial decree giving effect to the provisions in the amendment to ‘decree school’ for the recharge of the excluded approved by a parliamentary majority for cross remedy the injustice of the rule change in admission test has already begun, which had aroused much controversy, and avoid the announced rain of appeals .

The decree specifies the procedures for the admission to the courses in excess of degree program provides for the establishment of a new classification , which takes into account the evaluation score of schooling (the infamous ‘maturity bonus’). To do this, for courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Architecture is the possibility, for those who had not entered the data relating to the voting diploma obtained within the time set out in Ministerial Decree 449 of June 12, 2013, to make it through the Universality portal no later than 15:00 9th December next. This inclusion can be made ​​only by those who have reported at least 20 points in the test.

The opportunity to enroll in excess is not given to everyone will be able to do so only those who will be covered by 9,373 places established by the Ministry of Education for Medicine, Dentistry for 929, 830 and 8,787 for Veterinary Architecture. Those who had hoped that with the repechage of the excluded due to the abolition of the ‘maturity bonus’ there was an increase in the number, it will remain so disappointed. There are also sliding on the list .

Candidates who will be in a good position in the ranking of the December 18 may enroll in excess in the academic year 2013/14 or in ‘ a 2014/15 . This opportunity is not reserved only for those who do not are placed in a good position in the ranking published September 30, 2013, but is also extended to those who are in the first list to be eligible for a home less favorable to December 13, 2013 and that do not result still enrolled in the course referred to in the list.

For those who at the date of December 13, 2013 will already be registered based on the ranking of the 30 September, it will be possible to request a transfer to the A. a. 2014/15 at the location where they are placed according to the new classification. Both the registration that the transfer will be permitted only to those in the ranking of December 18, 2013 will get a better position compared to the previous report in order of preference given at registration offices of the test.

Once published the new list for admission to courses in excess of degree program, it is up to each university independently define the terms and procedures for the registration, subject to compliance with the mandatory limit for the closing of the procedures attached to the January 31 in 2014 .

With regard to the degree of the Health Professions and Primary Education , however, will be the individual universities to draw up new lists including the scores for ‘bonus maturity’ in the manner originally envisaged by the relevant notices. The wording of Art. 4 dmn 986, may be admitted in excess for a. A. 2013/2014 only those who “would be placed, without slipping on the list, in a good position within the maximum number of available places established by the decrees of programming.” Again, for the current academic year procedures must necessarily be completed by January 31, 2014.