The admission test from 2014 will be held in April. Education Minister Maria Chiara Carrozza has stated in an interview published yesterday by the newspaper La Repubblica , which also clarified the reasons for the decision to reschedule the tests to September this year and has illustrated the problems related to the revision the much-discussed bonus maturity.

As the minister reiterated in the interview, the main reason that led to the postponement of the test for admission to undergraduate courses in number planned at national level was the thorny issue of bonus maturity and the inability to correct the calculation system to reduce inequities in the allocation of additional points in the few days – just a dozen – that now remained before the start of the state exams. The bonus, however, will remain and we will simply review the mechanism of percentiles. “We have decided to freeze the bonus, and perhaps would have been the best, but you can not: a ministerial decree can not act on a bill,” said the minister Carrozza, explaining that with the new system of calculation “the average of the votes will no longer be calibrated school school where you do the test, but on the Boards “and, to make things easier and fairer will not be taken more into account the votes of the graduates of the previous year.


The postponement of the tests to September was a necessity dictated by the contingency, but Maria Chiara Carrozza agrees with its predecessor, Francesco Profumo , that conduct admission tests close to the start of the academic year is wrong, although the choice of contexts move immediately after the final exams. When you do it, then? According to the minister, the best time would be April, as has already happened this year for the entrance exam to the courses of medicine in the English language , in fact, Coach has announced that it is already working for this to happen from 2014. The decision to hold the next year’s admission test in April, in fact, had already been taken by Profumo, who had announced in February last year with the news that the trials would be held this year in July.

During the interview, the minister also defended the carriage number closed , deemed necessary because “access to certain professions goes to quota to the needs of the country” and, according to the minister, it is also necessary to limit the number of students in based on availability of equipment by the universities, in order to ensure quality teaching at all.